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Selling Tips

So you have all agreed a price and the chain is now completed, what next? Print this page of and make sure you didnt miss anything and you won’t go to far wrongl.

Did you hear we’re moving next month!

Don’t forget your post will need to be redirected to your new address. and your phone service to end on moving day at your current address.
Speak to the council to dispose of any large items that need to be thrown out before your move.Start working through all the people and businesses you know: Personal Contacts, Financial Services, Government Agencies, Utilities & Services, Health Providers etc
. Arrange a removal/van hire companies as its no good leaving it to the last minute and finding no vans are available.Finally arrange for meter readings (electricity, gas) and disconnection of services at your current address.

Selling - moving tips
I’m moving next week!

Start packing everything that is not an essential everyday items. Unless you know you might need it – pack it.┬áMake sure you double check the date and time with your removal company.
Settle any local newspaper bills.
If you have pets then start planning how you will be moving your pets.
Transfer utilities and phone accounts to your name at your new address.

I’m moving tomorrow!

Make sure all your essentials are packed in one safe place such as valuables and documents. Put down dust covers or plastic sheets to protect carpets. Insure all meters have been read, and services are disconnected.
Go through every room, closet and cabinet to make sure you have not left anything behind.

Your big moving day!

Make sure you have all your final meter readings on electricity and gas from previous owner of your home. Go through every room, closet and cabinet to make sure you are satisfied that nothing has been left behind. Put down dust covers or plastic sheets to protect carpets in your new home. Check that all the items listed in the inventory are in your new home and in condition you expected as you only have this opportunity to make the call check for instructions on how to use all the appliances in your new home.

We hope our selling tips have been useful. Finally remember to crack open the bottle – you made it into your new home – well done!

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