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Buying 14% cheaper than Renting

If you do your sums, you will find that renting is costing the average person £100 more a month than they would be for a buying and paying a mortgage.

Halifax released a report this week claiming homeowners spend an average of £600 on mortgage payments compared to £700 in rent for the same size property, making buying 14% cheaper. The fall in the cost of buying compared to the average rent has been significant.

The reversal follows a massive fall in the average mortgage rate for new borrowers – from 5.82% in March 2008 to 3.59% last month, cutting monthly payments by around 39%.

Buying cheaper than Renting

Buying 14% cheaper than Renting

Two issues that make it a little challenging for first time buyers are the need for a substantial deposit and the ability to get a mortgage approved. These two factors alone have taken away the choice, and dictated the renting option only.

The Halifax claim marks a considerable turnaround from 2008, when buying cost 43 per cent more than renting. A low Bank of England base rate of interest, combined with falling house prices, has driven the cost of mortgages down, making buying a more affordable option.

The average mortgage rate for a new borrower has fallen from 5.82 per cent in March 2008 to 3.59 per cent last month, cutting monthly payments by around 39 per cent.

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