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Rightmove could be knocked off top spot by Zoopla

Its been on Zoopla’s mind for a long time, but Zoopla wont stop until its number one amongst the property search portals.

The merge of Zoopla, and

It seems they have announced the largest step forward yet by merging all the other big names to take on Right Move. Zoopla Ltd and Digital Property Group, a subsidiary of A&N Media Ltd which operates property websites and, have announced plans to merge.

This has been seen as an excelent move as it will provide the first serious challenge to compete against Rightmove since the internet provided property searches as a useful way of searching. Opinion is a merger such as the one announced is set to be a big win for estate agents and housebuilders across the UK, creating a clear alternative in a market that has had a single dominant player for a number of years.

zoopla takes on rightmove

Rightmove could be knocked off top spot by Zoopla

The combined business will be in a position to offer a superior value proposition and wider exposure and is expected to result in an audience to rival Rightmove, delivering at least as many enquiries to its members.

And for consumers either searching for property to buy or rent or doing market research, the combination will deliver a number of benefits including significantly greater coverage of property listings and enhanced features to help empower them with the resources that they need to make better-informed decisions in the UK residential property market.

Zoopla has become even stonger as they have put a huge budget into advertising in 2012. With London cabbies going purple and TV adverts like Kerching, Zoopla are insistent on moving to the top spot


Rightmove could be knocked off top spot by Zoopla – Zoopla’s Alex Chesterman gives his view:

“This deal will be transformational for both businesses allowing us to compete effectively in a market where it takes significant investment to challenge the current market leader.  But more importantly, the deal will deliver real value for UK estate agents and developers and we will be in a position to provide them with the widest possible exposure and be their most cost-efficient marketing partner.”

So what do you think, can Zoopla with the merger of and really prove to be an even alternative to Right Move?

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One Response to “Rightmove could be knocked off top spot by Zoopla”

  1. Elaine says:

    Rightmove APP is way superior to the website. Basically, on the APP one is able to hover over the area, and one is able to see the properties on that part of the map that you hover over. Whereas on the website, you have to do a long winded, rediculous process of “drawing a map”..For goodness sakes….just make it possible to hover the mouse over the area, and allow the available properties to be on show?

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