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House prices over 5 percent rise

house market prices rise

Housing market confidence its currently at its highest since recession started a few years back. According to the data supplied from the Halifax, they recently indicated that house prices rose by 1.1 per cent last month to an average of £168,521 and have increased by 5.2 per cent in the past year. Interestingly the property web ...

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Phil and Kirstie – 11 seconds

Phil and Kirstie - 11 seconds

We all love Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.  Their success includes, Location, Location, Location; Relocation, Relocation; Location Revisited; The Property Chain it's noteworthy of the one point they often mention, but could easily be missed. According to Phil and Kirstie when you wall in through the door of your potential property, the first 11 seconds is all they need to ascertain the ...

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A Step by Step Guide to Buying

buying your house online

The Buying Process: A Step-by-Step Guide Now I'm about to reveal my normal process for buying a property. Years ago a walk along the local high street and a visit to each estate agent was my only option while taking a day off work. Today its all changed. Far from my priority to visit shops and ...

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Great locations for renting

Great locations for renting

Finding great locations for renting is a challenge, but how about this for a few tips. It's no secret that the key to a successful property investment is all about location, but what exactly should prospective landlords be looking for? When considering a property, it's important to look at it through the eyes of a prospective tenant, ...

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How long to choose a house in UK?

Choosing your house

Choose a house in the UK right now! How long does it take to take on such an important choice. One that effects every day of your life if you live in it? This was the question raised this week and suprisingly the online survey from mortgage provider ING Direct claimed it takes just 21 ...

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More ways Monopoly Helps Property Developers

Monopoly Lessons for Property Developers

Last Year we looked at how Monopoly can teach lessons in the real world of property development. When it comes to selected the right location for investment and knowing whether to make improvements on your home, Monopoly provided some very valuable lessons. Knowing fact and figures as well as the odds of an outcome will also prove ...

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Phil and Kirsty – Location

Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp

Don't you just love Phil and Kirsty, and there back again for another new series. Catch the new series of Location, Location, Location on Wednesdays at 8pm on Channel 4. Phil and Kirsty, like a favourite Aunty and Uncle they almost row in front of the nation on the great show Property experts Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsop were asked for advice ...

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Chancellors housing market boost

Chancellors housing market transcript

Did the Chancellors housing market boost give a small lift to the sector? The Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement last week announced 35 transport initiatives that will boost a number of locations and thereby boost prices in the surrounding areas. It may of been a slightly hidden benefit but it is expected to help boost the housing ...

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Location Location Location is back

Phil and Kirstie on Location Location Location is back

In a month when the House Price Index found that the average asking price for a property in the UK dropped 2.1% in August we are keen to See the latest Series of Location Location Location - it's back. Series 17 starts this week - a full 60 minutes of bickering and down to earth houshunting. Kirstie Allsopp ...

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Rightmove places review

Rightmove places review

This week Rightmove Places was released by RightMove. We decided to take a look and see what this  local messages and reviews site had to offer for its visitors. First glimpse Rightmove places looks like an effort to make a Facebook community for online buyers and sellers. in effect RightMoves answer to social media. A Twitter meets Facebook ...

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